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New App to Assist People Locate Disabled-Friendly Locations

Being the first, a Delhi-based business venture has rolled out a new smartphone application. This app can assist people with particular needs to find disabled-friendly tourist locations, restaurants, and other public locations all around the country. The application, dubbed as BillionAbles, is the first lifestyle app of India for individuals with special needs and disabilities, as per Sameer Garg, founder of the app.

Being 42-year old, Garg was left with paralyzed lower limbs after he went through a spinal cord wound when he was 19. “For decades, I have grappled to discover a comprehensive environment, be it a public place or workplace,” Garg claimed to the media in an interview. “Presently, in the country, no centralized online platform offers data about convenience of services or places,” he further added. People with special needs have to hunt for each and every service via search engines or referrals.

New App to Assist People Locate Disabled-Friendly Locations

They then need to verify the convenience of the place via e-mails or phone calls. “Even after that, most of the times, the data given is not precise as conversed,” Garg further said. “At present, most of the organizations are operating in the country that conduct accessible tours, offer skill-based training, provide facilities like ramps and washrooms, and run accessible cabs. But this data is not listed and compiled anywhere,” he further added. The app was designed by co-founder Deepak Kumar and conceptualized by Garg. Kumar, 24, is a student in Haryana at Kurukshetra University.

It lists available services and venues below different groups comprising hotels, restaurants, wellness centers, malls, parking spaces, and events. The consumer can filter the results based on aspects such as sign language and braille availability, step-free access, eating aids, and gluten-free food. The results are displayed in map as well as list view. The app is available for individuals with diverse disabilities. For example, blind people can utilize the app via its “speech to text” and “text to speech” feature. The color or contrast theme of the app can be modified for individuals who suffer from color blindness or partial vision impairment. All videos uploaded will be conversed in sign language.

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