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Motorola launches less expensive with better quality AirPod alternative—VerveOne

Apple’s Airpod has been trending a lot after the mobile maker ripped off the 3.5 mm headphone jack slot in its latest iPhone 7.This modification forced the music lovers to consider the wireless earphone which Apple marketed as Applepod. But every new technology or device cannot dominate the demand alone when it’s about the geeky gizmos or trendy electronics; there is always an equally competitive alternative present to compete the race.

Motorola has announced its new pair of in-ear wireless earphones that might give a tough fight to Apple’s Airpod. The VerveOne are tested and claimed to be better in quality and cost if compared to the rival. The design of the wireless earphones gives a glimpse of moto looks, due to the logo engraved on the reverse side of the speaker. It is totally splash proof which means you can go for a jog while it’s raining but cannot swim along with it.

Motorola’s VerveOne comes with a carry case that is itself a charging dock for the earphones. The company claims that the battery life of the earbud is 8-hour and Apple’s Airpod manages to power the devices only for 4 hours. The earphones can also be integrated with the various voice assistants such as Siri, and Google Now.

These earbuds are attractive by it looks, lightweight and high quality of sound delivery. It is compatible with both android and iOS.

The price of VerveOne is $149, shocked right? Yes, they are less expensive than Apple Airpods.

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