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MNP Policies May Alter Soon

The telecom regulator has recommended making modifications to the MNP (Mobile Number Portability) rules, and advised enhanced sharing of information to lower the number of requests for porting that are discarded.

“Decline of requests for porting generates frustration and dissatisfaction among users. It is noticed that reasons of rejection reliant on UPC (Unique Porting Code)—invalid/expired UPC and namely UPC mismatch—attribute almost 40% of the entire rejection of requests for porting,” TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) claimed in paper posted this week.

MNP Policies May Alter Soon

The decline may be owing to incorrect submission of the code by the latent user at the PoS (point-of-sale) of RO (recipient operator), or due to the carrier to which the subscriber needs to move to, or by entrance of wrong code data with the RO. Number portability, obtainable all over India from early 2011, is a method which permits a user to keep hold of the mobile phone number while altering the operators. Through an alteration to MNP policies, TRAI has planned a system below which a UPC must be shared with the MCH (MNP clearing house). UPC is created by the DO (donor operator) or telecom company from which a user needs to port out. MNP clearing house technically applies the mechanism. The MCH, in return, can be reached by the carrier to which the subscriber needs to modify in order to verify the validity and correctness of the code.

“Currently, there is no method accessible with the RO to confirm the status and content of expiry date of UPC. This (TRAI’s suggestion) will lead in lowering of requests rejection for porting and will elevate user satisfaction,” TRAI claimed to the media. The draft alteration also recommends making a rule to send applicable data, such as amount outstanding, date of the bill, date of the notice, last date of payment, and period of notice given to the user by the DO, via the MCH. The regulator has looked for comments from shareholders by next week on the draft regulation. The suggestions on MNP regulations have been looked close owing to the rising competition in the market.

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