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Microsoft’s “Xbox Project Scorpio” briefing at the E3 2017

E3 2017 is known as one of the best events for the game launchers but this is going to be an event for the Microsoft not for the games but for its hardware. People waiting for the E3 2017 will be surprised when it will be here even before they imagine. Microsoft has all geared up for its briefing at this event.

The Xbox One makers awaiting its briefing rather a press conference to be precise on the June 11 on a Sunday at the E3 2017 event. Microsoft has its eyes set on the conference because this is going to be the day when the company will change its course.

What’s bolt from the blue is that Microsoft is not going to attract the crowd by speaking on its usual Xbox games but something else.

Surprise! The company plans to brief us about a small chip as shown in the picture. It is a high-tech and ultra-powerful next generation console that’s a hardware processor called “Xbox Project Scorpio.” This high powerful graphic processor is going to hit the market in the holidays of 2017. The processor will boost the 4K gaming and put life into the gaming world.

Microsoft is using this event not only to hype its games but also it’s souped up internal processor. The company has closed down its own studios and canceled titles such as Lionhead Studios, Fable franchise, and Platinum Games’ Scalebound as a start. No doubt games is going to play an important part in E3 2017 but the star is, after all, going to be “Project Scorpio”

So stay tuned for all the latest updates because you don’t want to miss out on the tickets for this show.


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