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Lalu’s Son Tej Threatens Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP Says He Sounds ‘Mentally Unstable’

Tej Pratap Yadav, the elder son of Bihar politician Lalu Yadav, has mined a latest low by intimidating to “scalp” PM Narendra Modi for declining his father’s safety. Lalu Yadav stated that he completely disagrees with his son’s verbal language but not his emotion. “I feel any son’s blood will boil if he anytime feels that his own father is under danger and his safety is taken a back seat” he further stated.

Lalu's Son Tej Threatens Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP Says He Sounds 'Mentally Unstable'

The 68-year-old also stated that his decreased security cover is planned to frighten him; he has recommended the same of a vigorous series of bribery cases that name him. “If our Prime Minister Narendra Modi thinks I will be frightened, I won’t. All the citizens, even the kids of Bihar will defend me,” he stated publicly. Tej Pratap, who is around 32 years and whose period as a Bihar political minister was unremarkable, is according to the grapevine trying to reinvent – as an assiduous intimidation giver.

A BJP politician has filed a criminal case of threats in opposition to him for his statements on the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Suresh Sharma, who is a leader in Bihar and belongs to the BJP, stated, “Only an individual who is emotionally unbalanced will make such remarks. Lalu Yadav also made bizarre remarks but he has never crossed his line like this.”Last week itself, after being invited to the marriage ceremony of Sushil Modi’s son (Deputy Chief Minister), Tej Pratap stated that if he were to charm the event, it would be to battering Sushil Modi, who is a leading BJP leader, and “render him”.

Sushil Modi further stated by relocating the marriage ceremony for “safety reasons.” It seems that he is satisfied with his result, Tej Pratap openhandedly said the BJP politicians should further proceed with his plans “without any kind of terror”. Yesterday, Lalu Yadav was taken out from the group of VVIPS who are provided with Z+ safety, the utmost protection given to politicians. The Z+ cover is seen frequently as a status sign.



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