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Jennifer Kendal’s Passing Away Has Left Shashi Kapoor Completely Heartbroken, Says Family Friend

Jennifer Kapoor or Jennifer Kendal, as she was later addressed as Jennifer Kapoor, married Shashi Kapoor in the year 1958—a decade after the renowned actor’s first movie as a child artist. Jennifer Kendal passed away in the year 1984 – this particular incident has left Shashi Kapoor completely “heartbroken,” stated a family friend in her acknowledgment published in the media.

Jennifer Kendal's Passing Away Has Left Shashi Kapoor Completely Heartbroken, Says Family Friend

The media has published recently that Jennifer Kapoor has some or the other way influenced Shashi Kapoor’s way of life in quite a lot of ways. An evidence of which was his regimented ways and a sense and good judgment of family time. “Jennifer Kapoor had an incredible sense of discipline and regulation. It was she who has completely instilled in him the thought that Sunday should be considered as the family day”. “Jennifer’s nonexistence in Shashi Kapoor’s life has been decisive. Her death left Shashi Kapoor completely heartbroken,” she added.

Despite the fact that in very few films, Jennifer Kapoor had also shared with Shashi Kapoor significant screen space. In the year 1978, Jennifer Kapoor won the prestigious Filmfare award for Best Supporting Actress for her wonderful performance in the movie called Junoon. Shashi Kapoor had both acted and produced the motion picture. He was under the stern supervision of his lovely actress wife, “They would time and again have wonderful food for lunch and dinner on Sundays. On the other hand, the only breakfast that was allowed for Shashi Kapoor was a cup of coffee without sugar and just 2 unbuttered toasts to stay slim and in good health. This was his habit for several years,” stated the media.

“After few years when Jennifer Kendal died, Shashi Kapoor’s only daughter Sanjana got married, and everyone in the family could feel that he was tremendously missing his wife,” as stated by his family friend. “I still recall having a casual meeting with Shashi Kapoor during which his kids Sanjana and Aditya had informed that they wished to call only few close guests. Hearing this Shashi Kapoor stated that his one and only daughter getting wedded and only few guests are invited! This can never be possible,” his close friend added.


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