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It’s the Xavier malware after the Judy virus

The cyber security firms are in huge trouble after looking at the increasing number of malware attacks this year. The cyber security threats have escalated to a very large number this time. Recently, the Judy malware had been affecting a number of devices via an ad form. And the hackers are back again with another form of threat.

The hunt for the malwares is on. The various cybersecurity companies including Trend Micro have been detecting a number of viruses on a daily basis now that too in the various forms. For now, around 800 applications have been detected with the new virus called the “Xavier malware” in Google Play Store. It is kind of a Trojan Android malware that is still being downloaded by millions of people who are unaware of it.

The IT sector will be in great jeopardy if they are not able to find a solid solution for this cyber attack crisis. The hackers are earning in billions at the cost of various companies crucial data. Like in mid of May, there was a WannaCry ransomware malware attack and it still persists even today. This attack had the user’s systems flashing out $300 Bitcoins in exchange of the valuable data. However, in case of the Xavier malware, the user’s information is stolen and leaked silently.

The best form in which the malware is available on the Store is a photo manipulator, wallpaper, or ringtone changer. These are apps which the people normally use on a daily basis. Hence, being clueless is valid. But as the security firms have hunted it down, they plan to build a thick-layered mobile security solution so as to avoid the users from falling into such traps.

There is a huge disadvantage, that is, the malware’s stealing and leakage function cannot be detected due to its self-protect mechanism. This mechanism has been developed basically due to the Internet data encryption, emulator detection, or the string encryption. According to the Mobile App Reputation Service, tracking the Xavier malware is very difficult. What’s more scary is that the malware can download and execute other malevolent codes from far-off servers and this can be even worse than the actual malware itself.

The best way to avoid it is to not download or install apps from unknown sources be it even from the popular stores such as Google Play Store. In short, keep your systems or devices safe by being attentive from which source the application is being downloaded.

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