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iPhone X Consumers Are Complaining Of An Issue That Is Stopping Them From Taking Incoming Calls

In spite of reporting record earnings in the last quarter, this appears to be a hard week for the Cupertino-based tech major. An in this case, the tough week is related to all its iPhones. A few days ago the firm posted a problem with iPhone 7, which might lead to displaying consumers “No Service” in the status bar. And now, one more problem has surfaced up for the consumers of the Apple iPhone X, the most costly iPhone ever.

iPhone X Consumers Are Complaining Of An Issue That Is Stopping Them From Taking Incoming Calls

As per a report by Financial Times, consumers are not able to take calls on their iPhone X since the screen does not wake up, although the smartphone is buzzing. This indicates that they are not able to either decline or accept the call. The problem is being more and more posted on support forums of the Apple and according to the report from the newspaper, who reached out to the firm related to the above mentioned problem, Apple is mulling over these reports. Since the company has claimed nothing yet about this problem, it is hard to state whether it is hardware or software associated problem.

For those who are not aware, the iPhone X was encountering a same problem back in November 2018 when a consumer on Reddit posted about the display of the smartphone in cold weather turning out to be unresponsive. In n answer to this complaint, the company gave an instruction for this problem, in addition to an explanation statement on the website, obliquely agreeing that there is an error and that an OS upgrade is in progress along with a solution. It stays to be witnessed what the company will do to repair this problem for its top-trading iPhone each week ever since it exported last year.

As for the 2016 flagship iPhone 7, the problem of consumers viewing “No Service” in the status bar even if the handset is in a region where complete coverage of network is accessible, the problem is taking place owing to a failure of the component in the chief logic board. The impacted iPhone 7 handsets have been traded in 5 areas all over the world including Hong Kong, China, Macau, Japan, and the U.S. The handsets are manufactured in the period from September 2016 to February 2018. From its end, the company has stated that the firm will fix the smartphone free of cost for consumers whose device has witnessed showing such a problem.

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