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Internet Firms Request For Aadhaar To Offer Services

Several Internet companies are now creating Aadhaar rule—the 12 digit (the unique identity number)—according to which, it is completely obligatory for clients to avail their needed services. Amazon has asked their clients to upload their Aadhaar card numbers to track any kind of lost packages, while Bengaluru-based car hiring company called as Zoomcar has stated it won’t acknowledge bookings with no Aadhaar card as an evidence of identity.

Internet Firms Request For Aadhaar To Offer Services

Amazon also added it was an essential means of validating customer individuality. “We request clients to present a government-certified ID card. We completely understand and value Aadhaar card as it is the most extensively held. So it is our most chosen one,” said an Amazon India representative. The confirmation can be done with an Aadhaar number as well. “If a client is not capable to split a government and administration-certified identification proof ID, Amazon, as a customer-centric organization, will carry on processing the appeal based on other important details shared by the client,” the representative stated.

Zoomcar, car hiring company on the other hand, is making no exclusions and has made Aadhaar compulsory, without which users in Vijayawada and north India cannot book a vehicle. It started insisting on Aadhaar in June and will extend it to users across the country in a month. “Aadhaar card has the best API incorporation; the most recent documents are getting associated with all the bank accounts. If you have your own personal Aadhaar card number, you have the (know your customer) KYC sorted,” stated a Zoomcar representative.

The company was established in the year 2013, and operates in almost 15 cities. Mobile wallet like: Paytm has also asked users to link their account with their Aadhaar card number. Cab aggregators like Ola and Uber are looking at ways to put together Aadhaar number into their dealing platforms. At present, Aadhaar card number is compulsory for clients to get government financial backing, operate their bank account details, and get a phone or SIM connection. People are needed to link their Aadhaar card number to accessible bank accounts by the end of this year.



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