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Indonesia Restricts Access to Telegram, All Set For Whole Ban

Indonesia stated that it is jamming web variants of the encrypted instant messaging app—Telegram. It will also chunk the app entirely if it carries on to be a medium for violent militants and radical propaganda.

The Ministry of Information Technology and Communications claimed last week in a statement that it has requested Internet firms in the most populous Muslim nation of the world to chunk authorization to 11 websites through which the web version variants are accessible. It claimed that this blocking might be carried out since most of the channels in the service are utilized to employ Indonesians into radical groups and to broaden hate and means for conducting attacks comprising bomb manufacturing.

Indonesia Restricts Access to Telegram, All Set For Whole Ban

The Director General at the ministry of informatics applications, Samuel Pangerapan, claimed that they are planning for the entire shutting of Telegram in Indonesia if it fails to design methods to chunk illegal content. The steps in opposition to Telegram come as Southeast Asian countries are speeding up efforts to fight Islamic radicalism following the incarcerate by IS-linked militants of the southern Philippine city of Marawi.

Almost 2 Months post the first attack, Philippine forces are still fighting to get back the total control of the city. Specialists fear the Southern Philippines might turn out to be a new foundation for IS, comprising Malaysian and Indonesian militants coming back from the Middle East, as a worldwide coalition retakes province in Iraq and Syria held by IS.

But the decision made by the government has triggered a public protest in Indonesia, with Facebook and Twitter discharge with negative comments and most of the people stating that they were not able to authorize the website. Indonesians are amongst the largest users of social media in the world. Telegram did not instantly react to an appeal for comment.

Alleged militants taken into custody by Indonesian police lately have told the officials that they have conversed with fellow associates of their team through Telegram and got directions and orders to continue attacks via the app, comprising from Bahrun Naim. Bahrun Naim is an Indonesian blamed of arranging various attacks in the last 18 Months.

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