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India’s Agni-V Test Fired Smoothly

India’s Agni-V Test Fired Smoothly

India has been known for its development in terms of industrialization, technological innovations, financial advancements, and its defense capabilities. From its secretly assembled nuclear weapon to the launch of the successful project by Indian space organization, the country has always surprised the world with its drastic development and changes.

Now, India has successfully test-fired long-range ballistic missile Agni-V from Odisha coast on Monday. The success can be an indication of country forecast based on the nuclear deterrence program.

However, this was the fourth successful test in the array of trials for Agni-V, which can carry weapon weighing 1.5 tons for more than 5,000 km. The missile was fired at 11.05 am and was loaded with the fake warhead.

The three consecutive test missions before this one were implemented on April 19, 2012, September 15, 2013, and January 31, 2015, respectively.

The nose cone that sheaths the missile is built with carbon–carbon composites and holds the tolerance capacity of temperature up to 3,000°C after getting into the earth’s atmosphere.

The missile was launched by canister, which was mounted on gigantic TATRA truck. The launch from the canister-mounted truck enabled the missile flexible movement. The missile weighs 50 tons and measures up to 17 meters long.

The vehicle carrying the Agni-V is so versatile that it can be vertically operated within 3 minutes from any location.

Ravi Gupta, former spokesperson of DRDO, said, “This is a huge success of the India’s missile program and a wonderful moment for us”.

Kudos to team India… Hoping for more such events.

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