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Indian Subscribers Used 1.6GB Average Data In Sept 2017

Indian subscribers have been on a data-using spree as witnessed by the surge in the average monthly data usage increases manifold. From around 70MB monthly data used by subscribers on an average about 3 years ago, a massive upsurge is seen in September 2017, as the average data consumed by the subscribers grows to 1.6 GB. The phenomenal growth is attributed to the growing number of subscribers in the country, Ravi Shankar Prasad said in the parliament informs.

Indian Subscribers Used 1.6GB Average Data In Sept 2017

Also, the country witnessed significant growth in usage of electronic service delivery and digital payments, he further mentioned in his reply to Lok Sabha, stating that the average data used by individuals grew from 70.10 MB in Jun 2014 to 1600 MB in September 2017. The total base of internet subscribers also increased from 259.14 million users in June 2014 to a whopping 429.23 million users in September 2017. Out of the total 429.23 million users in September 2017, 129.41 million users came from the rural areas. Speaking of the wireless subscribers, the total number of wireless subscribers were 1.18 billion in September 2017, of which, 498.28 million subscribers were based in the rural areas.

Talking of the increased usage of the digital payment transactions, the number saw a jump from 60.7 crore transactions in December 2015 to 153 crore in October 2017. A jubilant Prasad said that the Common Services Centers (CSCs) were striving hard and making every effort to increase the gamut of digital services in India, ensuring that the rural areas too were covered aptly.

As many as 271311 CSCs were operating to deliver e-services pan India. Out of the total, 1.73 lakh comprised at the Gram Panchayat Level. The total number of electronic transactions recorded on e-Taal portal too grew from 241 crore in 2013 to over 3013 crore in 2017.


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