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Hyderabad Plans to Turn into a Wi-Fi City

Going digital is what most of the cities across the country are looking at, mainly after observing all the other countries move forward in terms of digitizing. For now, Hyderabad city has decided to digitize its whole city. The Telangana Government has planned to accomplish a new project called the “Hyderabad City Wi-Fi” so as to provide almost 1000 hotspots with a wireless network.

For now, though only 1000 places will be covered, later the other 2000 hotspots will be covered, maybe after about 3 Months. The wireless network will provide a bandwidth of about 5–10 Mbps along with a 30 Minutes free Wi-Fi facility. The installation in the 1000 places has already started.

Hyderabad Plans to Turn into a Wi-Fi City

According to the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Mayor, B Rammohan, the project will definitely cover around famous 3000 hotspots in the city. The launch of the project is kind of a great relief for all the Internet users. However, the major concern is regarding the misuse of the free data obtained. With the availability of Wi-Fi, the rate of data breaching, hacking, online infidelity, and abuses increases to a greater level.

Therefore, the need for tight security measures is of utmost importance to avoid such circumstances in the future. Currently, as per the working IT officials, the security measures, software, and certain security devices are going to be used so as to sustain the Internet service security.

The Telangana Government has taken the project seriously and agreed to spend about Rs 300 Crore on the “Hyderabad City Wi-Fi” project and this money is funded by most of the industries in the city. The projects pilot version had been introduced in 2015 at the “Digital Telangana” umbrella by the government. After Telangana, the government plans to cover other cities like Karimnagar, Khammam, and Warangal districts.

With the help of various industrial participations, it is sure that the government has further plans of extending it throughout the city. But, it plans to check the success rate first in Telangana before moving ahead. Making this project a huge success, the Cellular Operators Association of India and government teamed up.

The government plans to make use of the whole project to turn the city into a Wi-Fi-enabled zone. Looking at Telangana implement this measure, there is no doubt that other states and cities will follow its footsteps in the coming years.

Let’s help India go digital is what the government is aiming at now.

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