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Honda and GM collaborate to make hydrogen cells to power electric vehicles

It seems that the automakers are charged with booster pack looking at the timeline of the evolving technologies in the automobile industry. The electric cars will probably change future outlooks due to its effective results and low-cost fuel alternative.

Owing to fulfill this future demands of electric car two auto giants, Honda and GM, have teamed up to produce hydrogen cell systems that will power the electric vehicles. The collaboration will result in the bulk production of hydrogen fuel cell system. The company will be located in Michigan and is expected to start its operation in 2020.

Both the companies said that they will invest $85 Million as a shared investment for the new Michigan facility. They also claimed that the setup of this factory will generate 100 of jobs.

Looking at the supremacy of both the auto giants in hydrogen fuel cells, it seems that both the companies have mastered this technology. Honda had already introduced its hydrogen fuel cell equipped passenger car on leased in Japan and China and GM holds the record of maximum patents related to technology.

The profitable part of the hydrogen fuel cells is that it can be created by using renewable energy sources, and the good news is the system releases water vapor as an emission.

The question arises, if such reliable sources have already been tested and approved, why there is a huge delay in its total commercialization? Right.

We see two factors for the restraint:
1. Due to high cost of the vehicle
2. The scarcity of fueling stations

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