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HomePod Makes The Apple Ecosystem Complete

In her critically acclaimed and award-winning book, “The God of Small Things,” Arundhati Roy speaks of how human beings are mortals of habits, and it was amazing the type of stuffs one might get used to. Of course, Roy was talking in a totally different circumstance but it holds a huge amount of significance amongst the habits of users in the digital space. If there is one company that has been skilled in the art of playing on these “mortals of habit” stuff, then it has to be the Cupertino-based behemoth Apple.

HomePod Makes The Apple Ecosystem Complete

Ask any user of the company and they will state that they are so used to the ecosystem of the brand that they just cannot get out of it. The ecosystem of the company, of course, gets additionally enabled if one employs an iPhone, a MacBook, and Apple Watch. This bionetwork has a new inclusion now—the HomePod.

While there is no word on when and if the HomePod will be rolled out in India or not, the global tech experts and media have given their judgments on the device. As is the case with products from Apple, or rather most tech goods, the HomePod has its fair stake of do’s and don’ts too. Still, one thing does get highlighted in the HomePod. The HomePod is the last key of being totally caught down in the ecosystem of Apple.

As a company, Apple has always planned (and relatively got it) for that individuality. On the other hand, over the course of time, it has not been so tight fisted and permitted 3rd-party developers to make an entry in its ecosystem. Most lately, WhatsApp was lastly incorporated into CarPlay of Apple. While both iOS and MacOS are comparatively “freer” and allow authorization to a number of third-party applications, the HomePod allegedly does not do so.

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