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GoPro reveals prosumer spherical camera–Fusion

GoPro–one of the pioneer manufacturers of action cameras is going through a rough period for last six months. But while going down, the company is trying best to sustain its reputation.

GoPro today rolled out a camera named as Fusion that is capable of recording spherical video in the application of VR and other standard video formats through software. The release date isn’t disclosed but the company claims that it would be rolled out soon this year.


The development of Fusion signifies that action camera maker is returning back to its core products. Though the action cameras were present far earlier than the GoPro, its launch made those devices competent by using their expertise; and in return, the market treated the company as a top selling vendor of the in-the-action camera business. The company introduced Fusion with a hope that market would respond in the same manner as it did before.

The release of the specification details is yet to be disclosed as the camera will not be rolled out until the fall of 2017. The images released though reveal more about the camera functionalities.

In a press release, the company mentioned that the Fusion can record 360-degree video at 5.2k30 and comprise a mode termed as OverCapture that enables a user to go back and slice out the standard video file from the spherical footage. In short, GoPro is making a camera that allows a user to record everything that it sees and later select the best framing.

Previously, GoPro also tried out its hand in building a mechanism by mounting several cameras on a rig that are positioned at different angles to capture every action through a different angle and later merging that footage using a software. But looking at the price of a single GoPro camera that cost about hundred dollars each, the solution turned to be impractical due to expense. The fusion offers great pictures than those solutions and is less expensive.

There are many companies who makes spherical camera but no one has made an appreciable achievement so far. GoPro’s advantage will be its software that allows a user to create standard POV looking video from the footage recorded by Fusion.

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