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Google Starts AI Hubs In China As Rivalry Heats Up

Google declared this week that it will start a new research hub of artificial intelligence in Beijing, clicking talent pool of China in the pledging technology in spite of the exclusion of the U.S. search giant from the Internet of the country. Artificial intelligence, particularly machine learning, has been a region of powerful focus for the U.S. tech majors such as Microsoft, Google, and Facebook, and their Chinese rivals Tencent, Alibaba, and Baidu since they gamble to master what many think is the prospect of computing.

Google Starts AI Hubs In China As Rivalry Heats Up

AI exploration has the possibility to drive developments in automated factories, self-driving cars, facial recognition software, and translation products, among others. The move of Google to start a Beijing headquarter aimed on primary research is a signal of AI talent from China, extensively witnessed as being too close to call with the U.S. in research ability.

“Chinese authors added 43% in the top 100 AI journals of all content in 2015,” a researcher managing the new hubs, Li Feifei, claimed in a blog post on website of the Google. “We have already appointed some leading experts, and will be operating to build the group in the upcoming months.” Li observed that engineers from China comprised the backbones of the winning groups in the last 3 ImageNet Challenges. Now, ImageNet Challenge is a global AI contest to trial which computing tech is better at categorizing and recognizing pictures.

Group of Baidu, the Chinese search engine, was barred for a year for violating the rules at the time of the 2015 contest. The large population of the country and strong sciences and mathematics education has taken care of a swing of engineering skill set. Google runs two head offices in China, with almost 50% of its 600 workers operating on worldwide goods, claimed Taj Meadows, the spokesman of the company.

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