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Google Safe Browsing Expands To Android Apps Needing Device And User Data

The Safe Browsing team of Google, in a bid to improve user privacy, has declared new and enhanced rules for Android apps present off and on the Google Play Store. App developers managing device and user data now will have to present their own privacy rules after installation. And not doing so will make Google send them a Safe Browsing warning.

After the app is installed by the user on their Android device, a privacy policy should be popped up by the app. The policy must clearly detail what sort of data is obtained from the user by the app. If the data is not useful to the app’s working, a clarification will be needed so that the user can opt to grant or not grant access.

These requisites will be applicable in all instances when the application has to gather device or personal information from the user. For example, the application will not be permitted to send analytics reports and crash reports without the owner’s approval. The rules will come into effect within subsequent “60 days”—to mention a date say, February 1, 2017. Also, a Google Play Protect/Safe Browsing warning will be revealed on all pages directing to the non-compliant applications. This provides around 2 Months to the Android developers for upgrading their applications and making them acquiescent with the new regulations.

Google, in its blog post, said, “These obligations apply to applications in Google Play as well as non-Play app markets. Also, guidelines are been published by the Google Play team for how Play applications should handle user data and give disclosure.”

In the past, Google Safe Browsing has established to be quite effectual. Google’s new Unwanted Software Policy is vigorously working to reduce malicious and unwanted mobile behavior in the Android ecosystem. Recently, Gmail was upgraded with anti-phishing tests that raise Safe Browsing warnings prior to tapping on a malicious link obtained in an e-mail.

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