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Google Maps Assists Cops Track Family Of Girl

Technology was helpful in bringing back together a 7-year girl with her family. Cops zeroed in on the village of the girl with the assistance of satellite pictures offered by Google Maps. The episode took place last week, when 7-year-old Rashmi (name modified) had arrived in south Delhi’s Malviya Nagar at a family wedding from Meerut.

Google Maps Assists Cops Track Family Of Girl

The child, who was having fun while her parents were engaged in the proceedings of the wedding, somehow coped to come out of the place and lost her track back. Panicked, she began crying and was located by constable Vikram, who brought her to police station at Malviya Nagar. “She was not able to inform us about her village and just claimed that she arrived here with her parents for a wedding,” claimed Romil Baaniya, DCP (south), to the media in an interview.

When questioned about the period of her travel, Rashmi claimed to the police that it took them 4 Hours to land in Delhi. A border was marked around the capital, with all main towns and cities inside that distance. Data was then distributed with particular police stations to determine if there was any equivalent lead from their side. The child claimed to the police about the places that she witnessed during her travel to Delhi. It was estimated that the girl had almost certainly come from western UP or Uttarakhand. Additional data highlighted out that Meerut might be the town from where the kid had took the bus.

After stabling on Meerut, police employed Google Maps and verified all villages that had a lake close by, as mentioned by the kid. A catalog of villages with the corresponding details was distinguished and contact was made with the sarpanch of these villages.

Rashmi was eventually discovered to be from Kol village located at 44 Km from Meerut.

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