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Google Launches Datally App For Data Savvy Indian Users

There is good news for those who were getting hefty bills for mobile data. Google unveiled its new app called Google’s “Datally”. This app will monitor all the apps that use high data volumes, and also search nearby Wi-Fi hotspots.

Google Launches Datally App For Data Savvy Indian Users

Though mobile data charges have been reduced drastically in past few months, this app will surely help users consuming large volume of data.

Google’s “Datally” is quite different from other apps available in the market, which are just showing the statistics of the data usage. Google’s “Datally” offers eye-catching graphical user interface, which shows per app data usage including history of data usage.

Google’s “Datally” needs small space of approximately 5MB and is supported on mobile phones having Android 5.0 onwards operating systems. You need to have basic permissions like access Wi-Fi networks, app history and location. It can also access VPN (Virtual Private Network) if required.

When you open this app, it shows data usage for that day and also offers option “set up Data Saver”. When you are not sure which app is consuming more data, this app can stop apps running in the background and prevent data consumption. However, when the Data Saver option is chosen, it will not give instant notifications and instead you will get message saying “you may have new messages”.

Another option is “Manage Data”. On clicking this option, it shows data usage statistics to date. You have facility here to block data usage by each app. You can decide which applications are allowed to use mobile data. For example you can allow or block WhatsApp using mobile data.

In addition to all these, Google’s “Datally” offers to search Wi-Fi networks. It shows approximate distance of the Wi-Fi network from the mobile phone. It also shows the basic identity of the network. You can configure this application to provide data usage warnings and also receive alerts of data expiry.



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