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Google Begins Ranking Websites In Search Results On The Basis Of Their Mobile Version

Google is turning web browsing an enhanced experience for handset users all over the world. The search major a year back claimed that it was test ranking on its search results those sites that have a version, which is mobile-friendly. Currently, its execution has begun taking place. In easy words, sites with mobile-friendly version will receive precedence in search results.

Google Begins Ranking Websites In Search Results On The Basis Of Their Mobile Version

For those not aware, Google began trialing this function a year back. For now, the search behemoth ranks site on the basis of design for their desktop version. “To sum up, presently our indexing, crawling, and ranking systems characteristically look at the desktop variant of content on a page, which might pose problems for mobile users when that variant is greatly different from the mobile iteration,” claimed the blog post of Google webmasters.

“Mobile-first indexing indicates that we will employ the mobile iteration of the content for ranking and indexing, to better assist our users (mainly mobile users) discover what they are searching for,” added the company.

The company claims that those sites that make employment of a receptive layout of design will not have to do anything. On the other hand, the firm has still offered some additional tips to webmasters to make sure their site is ready for mobile-first ranking.

Some of the pointers include:

  • Content with high quality comprising images and text with alt-attributes as well as videos in indexable and crawlable formats
  • Structured data must also be there for enhanced crawling of search result. “Make sure URLs inside the structured data are upgraded to the mobile iteration on the mobile pages,” claims the company
  • The mobile as well as the desktop versions must also have descriptions as well as metadata tags
  • Website makers must also keep a watch on the servers on which the website is founded on

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