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Futuristic Technology Challenge for School Students at IIT Kharagpur

Almost 150 students from 5 schools took part in this event together with their teachers. Various programs were structured at the IIT Kharagpur campus during this one-day event last month. While RK Mission Vidyalaya and St. Lawrence High School took part from Kolkata, 3 schools took part from Kharagpur, that is, St. Agnes from Kharagpur town and DAV Model School and Kendriya Vidyalaya from the IIT Kharagpur campus.

Candidates got practical training of listing for the NDL (National Digital Library), the biggest electronic repository in India, which has now over 1 Crore books comprising millions of books marked for school candidates of both fiction and academics.

Futuristic Technology Challenge for School Students at IIT Kharagpur

The students were present for a live display at the Rajendra Mishra School of Engineering Entrepreneurship at the PAM Lab (Product Analytic and Modeling Lab). The activity drew out interest as they watched how to make enhancements via design alterations, reverse engineer an element, generate and reengineer a sample that can be utilized to test the fresh design.

The SIRC (Students International Relations Cell) arranged an inspiring conference for the students. The i-Challenge session comprised product developing ideation on the basis of the themes Green transport vehicle, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Innovation, Space technology, and Artificial intelligence. The students, who were separated in groups of 10, emerged with luminous ideas that were afterward judged on the social impact, feasibility of the product, environmental impact, and economic viability.

Most of the product ideas showcased were

  • A hotel/resort that operates fully on artificial Intelligence
  • A cooling system that operates via pipes set up in walls
  • A train system that operates on biodegradable waste
  • A health care watch that recognizes strange actions in body and informs it to the closest hospital
  • An e-pen that transforms mechanical energy utilized in writing to electrical energy
  • A tea machine that operates with turbines coupled with various other product ideas.

Among them, 2 groups were announced as winners. The first winning group made an item to cope with the happening of cancer and wiped out cells of cancer in the body. The other winners showed a spectacle that might identify feelings and recognize human gestures.

In general, the young minds constructed up a luminous show and left their thoughts as sparks of a huge forthcoming innovation. The candidates also visited the Exploration Centre and the Science and Technology Museum, and the Centre for Research Facility at IIT Kharagpur.


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