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From MWC 2017: Peugeot reveals its Instinct concept car equipped with autonomous and active driving modes

Concept cars are majorly seen only at the auto show, but post that not every car promotes itself to commercial status. As the concepts are easier to develop, due to independence in creativity and ignorable protocols, as it is developed only for show majorly. Not every concept car remains in history, there are some iconic machines too, which were first introduced as a concept and later turned out to be a big hit in the market.

Peugeot at 2017 MWC Barcelona revealed its concept car that stands out due to its very interesting instinct ideas. The interiors of the cars change with respect to the driving mode. The car has been introduced with two driving modes; active driving and self-driving. This signifies that some concepts are sometimes implementable in future based models.

Peugeot’s concept car is a perfectly made self-driving car. The automatically folding pedals and wheel make you shift smoothly from autonomous mode to active driving. One of the best features engineered in the car is that it has four different modes. The active driving mode has two sub-modes; Drive Relax and Drive Boost. The self-driving mode has two sub-modes; Autonomous Soft and Autonomous Sharp. The cockpit features fully work through touch screen inputs.

As previously said, the interior and seating position changes as per the driving modes by which the passengers can enjoy the ride with mode adjusted light, atmosphere, and sound.

Peugeot concept car is fully connected car too, which works on the internet integrated with Samsung Artik Cloud.

However, it is for sure, it may not hit the roads so soon.

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