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Free apps every Android user should install

In the world of modern technology, where the smartphone has their realm, apps play an important role in day to day life. And if these apps are free of cost then they must be owned. Finding free apps that are useful in day-to-day life is difficult. Hence, with all the research done from our end, here are some top free apps that you must install.

Social: WhatsApp, Facebook, Hike

Being social is the new trend. And to do so, you must use a social media platform, which means you must opt for one of the best social media sites. Android do have some social media apps. The most popular and top in the list are Facebook, WhatsApp, and Hike.

Shopping: Flipkart, Amazon

Are you a shopaholic??? Do you wish to shop for 24 x 7? Well, Android apps may come handy. Shopping with Android apps has become easier. With apps such as Amazon and Flipkart, which are free of cost, shopping has become a child’s play.

Photography: Adobe Photoshop Express, Instagram

In today’s era, people love clicking themselves as well as others. And not all of them can afford a DSLR. Hence, to solve this problem, Android developed some apps that were useful for having excellent photographs which can mimic the quality of a DSLR. Instagram and Adobe Photoshop Express are some of those apps.

Well friends, owning every app is not essential. But owning those apps that can play a significant role in day-to-day life is important. So start using these apps to make life easier.

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