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Free Android Apps to Manage Your Diet

We all like to stay fit and healthy. But mostly we are not able to keep an eye on what we eat. And in this world of pace, no one has that much time to keep a track. But if you are concerned about your diet and health, then you should know about these apps that can handle your body fat.

Free Android Apps to Manage Your Diet

Let’s have a look which are those apps.

Fat Burner – 7 Days

This a free Android app designed by Conixdu Limited, which assists you to decrease your weight in just 7 days by listing what food you should have and when. It also provides you with facts about healthy food, vegetarian diet plans, drinks, and few tips to reduce tummy fat in just 10 days.

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal consists of a huge food database and provides you with information about several types of foods. It also keeps track of sugar, fat, carbs, calories, and other factors.

My Diet Coach – Weight Loss

This app can assist you to get your body in shape. It suggests about the minutes alterations in the lifestyle that can help you to stay healthy. Few other features include motivating users, customized reminders, showing weight charts, and some other.

Lose it!

This app is developed by FitNow Inc., which keeps an eye on your exercise schedule and food intake, assisting you to maintain an everyday calorie target. The goals can be set based on body fat, steps taken, sleep, weight, hydration, and more.

30 Day Fitness Challenge

30 Day Fitness Challenge is similar to a short course for reducing weight. The app boosts exercise strength step-by-step. It presents full body challenge, butt challenge, and a 30-day abs challenge; each of which is categorized in 3 stages varying from starters to pros.

Hope you can make the best use of these apps to maintain your health. Stay healthy, stay fit..!!

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