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Frankfurt Motor Show: 48V MEET Modular Concept Revealed By Mahle

The global automotive supplier and development partner Mahle has pulled off the covers off its vehicle prototype named “MEET,” at IAA 2017 inaugurated in Frankfurt. MEET stands for Mahle Efficient Electric Transport.

MEET is based in the new Mahle 48V twin power drive unit. The vehicle is constructed with the integration of two electric motors, which includes a 48V electronic system and transmission.

The company’s Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor drive delivers highest dynamics and efficiency in a broad speed assortment. The concept of MEET is initially assembled with two motors, with every motor capable of delivering 36 Nm of torque and 16 kW of power output. At IAA, Mahle demonstrated the next step with boosting the output up to 20kW and torque up to 80Nm of per motor. The power generated will be transferred to the rear wheel through the central transmission.

Frankfurt Motor Show: 48V MEET Modular Concept Revealed By Mahle

In terms of urban areas application, the prime focus of MEET in terms of technicality will be on energy efficiency. The integration of certain energy-efficient technologies in case of thermal management and powertrain extends the cruising range and boost the efficiency of the vehicle.

One of the common concerns witnessed in every fully electric powertrain is the interior heating, especially in winter, respective to energy storage. Certainly, by diminishing local emissions, the electric system misses out the most the critical source of heat, the combustion engine, thus resulting in growing burden on the battery and affecting the cruising range.

In the city conditions, the top speed has nothing to do, and with the highest performance of 40–60 kW, relying on the motor model, MEET is swift in that speed range. The basic model of the MEET can vroom up to 0–50 kph in just 5 Seconds.

Post utilization of the company’s new Mahle motors, each producing a peak power of 30 kilowatts, this time it will be reduced by 3 Seconds. Parking and maneuvering are backed by torque vector functionality of its twin-power drive unit. MEET is designed in an extremely supple way, and the whole credit goes to the two electric motor’s selective wheel torque output.

Along with its sophisticated technical attributes, the company stated that MEET is an inexpensive vehicle platform concept. Its modular and flexible approach can be replicated in any range of vehicle concepts.

Considering this technology as a game changer for the electric vehicles, there will be soon several such innovations deployed by the technology giants.

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