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Flying Taxi Can Be Seen Soaring In These Two Cities By 2030

Ever thought about the time you utilize while driving by roads. Just sit back and calculate the average time you spend in your car per week, the result will freak you out. The globe is turning is mode to automated and we as user would love to experience. Looking at the market players, it seems that the world will soon look like it has been shown in Will Smiths’s I-Robot. Where the streets are full of efficient machines I mean robots walking with the human owners, fully autonomous cars, sky ways open to the drones and not for planes.

Flying Taxi Can Be Seen Soaring In These Two Cities By 2030

So, focusing on those flying machines that can carry two people at a time within small amount time from source to destination will be soon seen in two countries; first comes Singapore and Dubai. These nations have already switched their automation mode and are curiously working on it. Airtaxi is the new concept that will be soon adopted and implemented by the dominating countries.

It may sound bit fictitious but it’s craved on the rocks that it’s going to be reality. Singapore the country of mesmerizing scenes, iconic infrastructures, and one of the favorite tourism places is in huge investing in driverless and flying drones. The aim is to transit passengers from one end to other through air medium with short duration, while chucking the traffic snarls. The flying taxi is the concept thought by the nation government and it has also revealed its plans of the same and simultaneously in talks with companies who deal into this kind of technology.  It is also expected that there will be introduction of on-demand bus system, driverless pods, and trending self-driving taxis.

Focusing on the next country is the nation with the tallest tower in the world known Burj Khalifa.  Yes, you guessed it right. It’s Dubai who is striving hard to beat the timeline of Singapore. Unlike Singapore, Dubai is working on these airtaxi but the data related to the operations, management, work plans, and prototypes are kept confidential. But Dubai has claimed that it will soon launch the airborne taxi service by the end of this year. It won’t be driverless but it might be the first step towards air taxi concept.


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