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Features Coming To Microsoft Edge

Microsoft, the leading giant in the production of operating system, has Windows 10 as its latest OS. One main thing that the company did is got rid of its default browser—Internet Explorer. The company shifted to its new Microsoft Edge browser. Well, this browser got lots of update. But still there are more to come. Here is the list of the updates that are expected in Microsoft Edge.

Features Coming To Microsoft Edge

Tab preview bar

The new update for the browser will show an extra panel that will display the number of tabs that are open in the browser. This representation of the tabs will be in the form of thumbnails. This will allow the user to navigate through the open tabs very smoothly.

Set tabs aside

Another upgrade regarding the management of tabs!!! This feature will come handy when you have a whole lot mess of tabs. By using this feature, the browser slides all the tabs to left. This will allow the users to choose between the important tabs that need to be open and can close the remaining tabs.

New taskbar options

New options will be added in the task bar icon of the updated Microsoft Edge. The new options include ‘New Window’ and ‘New InPrivate Window’. The InPrivate Window is similar to the incognito mode in the Chrome browser.

Well, these features seem to be handy and useful to the users. Microsoft did a great job replacing the default browser to Microsoft Edge. Hope these new features are preferred by the users.

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