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Facial recognition software to replace your wallet

Have you ever faced the problem of embarrassment due to misplacement of your debit card or credit card? Imagine a scenario where you are on a date. The date is about to end and the waiter hands you the bill. You check your wallet and realized that you have forgotten your card and you are out of cash as well. Embarrassing!!!! Right? In order to get rid of such issues, a Chinese startup has come up with a solution. Now, it is possible to make the payments with our face along with other features. Surprised?

A while ago, Will Knight, senior editor of MIT Technology Review, gave a visit to tech startup in China that has been preparing to make systems omnipresent in the Middle Kingdom. Face++ is the Beijing-based company, which is the brainchild behind this and is valued around a $1 Billion. All the movements by Will were easily tracked when he scanned his face which resulted in his entry directly into the database. Thinking about the big picture, imagine if this software is made commercial in a city like London which is covered in cameras.

Face++ uses a software that utilizes an AI technology called as deep learning. It estimates 83 points on the face of a person. These points are those which are majorly used to identify them. Every face is examined all in one go. The main thing of interest is, the points are not the factors that recognize a person. But in fact, it is the space between these points that is unique and used to recognize them.

Apart from surveillance, the system can be used for shopping, banks, transportation, offer entry into venues, without the tension of buying a ticket. It’ll also make the process of getting past security very strict and dependable. Policing will be revolutionized with the help of this facial recognition technology. It would be easy to recognize victims, perpetrators, and witnesses, and every person’s purchases, movements, and interactions could easily be tracked. The Face++ has already gone commercial on a low level in China.

So friends, time is near for your face to get scanned!!!

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