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Facebook Trails Personal Profiles, Instant Videos on Android

Over the decades, Facebook has rolled out various innovative features to its desktop and app verticals increasing the experience for consumers. Now, 2 new attractive features have been located. One is related to video content and one is related to more privacy.

Both the features were located by a aficionado Devesh Logendran, and he primarily told the media about it. Facebook is actually operating on a persona; profile mode that you can share with merely a tiny circle of bets friends. He also shared a screenshot from the beta app of Android, and it claims that the ability to make a personal profile mode if needed. Unluckily, as of now the personal profile button does not operate, so just how the new characteristic operates is still not clear. But most probably it permits you to make a profile that will let you transmit photos, posts, and videos to only a pre-chosen cluster of people.

Facebook Trails Personal Profiles, Instant Videos on Android

This characteristic might be helpful as nowadays our Facebook list is full of people we call as “professional connections” or even “just associates.” Some photos are most excellently shared only with individuals you trust, and the personal profile characteristic might come in handy at that time. On the other hand, this characteristic is in beta, and it is not certain whether it might, in the mainstream version, see the light of the day.

One more feature located by Logendran was named as “Instant Videos.” The feature has been rolled out for some users of Android only for the purposes of testing, and it fundamentally permits consumers to see videos even with no Internet. Instant Videos pre-downloads videos during the time you are on Wi-Fi, and then allows you see them later even when you do not Internet. Once the video pre-downloads, the app symbols it with a lightning icon to show that it will start offline also.

This is the latest push of Facebook to use its video content. The firm, in the last few years, has been spending its money and time in video, and Instant Videos seems to aim users in the developing areas as well as markets.

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