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Facebook Now Allows You Set Provisional Bio For Your Profile

Facebook keeps experimenting various functions in various parts of the globe. The company has even made some of the features authorized. Now, including one more to the list of new functions is setting up on your profile a provisional bio. Located by Matt Navarra, the social media director of The Next Web, the functions allows consumers put a provisional bio for a restricted time. After the time limit, other users will see the similar old bio on the profile of the user. As per the screenshots reported by Navarra, consumers have time restrictions options of 1 Day, 1 Hour, custom, 1 Week, and No Expiry.

Facebook Now Allows You Set Provisional Bio For Your Profile

Once the provisional bio is arranged, it can be viewed by those visiting the Facebook profile of the consumers. As for the consumer, she/he can view the time limit below as well as the new bio, for example “Expires in 12 Days.” There is an alternative to edit the limit of the time too from that page itself. For now, the function seems to be restricted to select nations and might see a broader launch in the upcoming days.

Facebook has made a swing of declarations lately, one of them being the downgrading of posts that employ engagement bait. The social media behemoth claimed that this will involve posts arriving both from pages as well as people. To make this occur, group at Facebook has evaluated thousands of millions of posts to assist make a machine learning procedure. Posts employing these engagement baits will be displayed less in the News Feed.

This is not all. The firm claims that in the upcoming period, the firm will be making the procedure harder for pages that frequently employ engagement baits. On the other hand, there are specific posts that will not be impacted by this modification. Posts that request users for help or advice will not be affected.

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