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Facebook Is Creating a Helicopter to Provide Internet Access in Emergencies

Facebook has now declared something that you will feel weird. The company has decided to develop a helicopter. You might be thinking that the company will be developing this helicopter for delivering food and other basic amenities in case of emergency. So what is so shocking in this? Well, the company has indeed decided to develop the helicopter in case of emergency, but not for delivering food. Well, the company claims that the helicopter will be used to provide Internet access at times of emergencies.

Well, this was indeed shocking for us. Facebook has thrilled the world so far with its decisions. Initially, it all started when the CEO of the company developed an artificial intelligence Jarvis for himself. Next, the company recently dominated the smartphone applications market. This was due to the presence of 4 apps of the company out 5 among the most downloaded apps in the world. These apps included Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger.

Facebook Is Creating a Helicopter to Provide Internet Access in Emergencies

And lately, the company decided to invent technology that would allow the humans to hear with the help of their skin. This technology will be beneficial not only to the deaf population but also to those who want to communicate with people with different languages. The technology will convert your thoughts into vibrations and these vibrations will be sensed by the skin in order to understand their meaning.

With all of this in the list, the announcement of the helicopter for providing Internet access in case of emergencies stood out odd. The above-mentioned ideas are so far useful to the human race in some or the other ways. But the company’s decision regarding the helicopter is inclined more towards the trend rather than necessity.

As of now, the company has only announced this project and has not declared any further information about it. When asked about the release date of this “helicopter”, Yael Maguire, in charge of Facebook’s Connectivity Lab, said that it would be soon out sometime in the near feature.

Well, let us wait for the launch and see as to how much benefit this “helicopter” will provide to the users.

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