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Facebook CFO Requests the U.S. Government to Aid Working Mothers

Having an argument with the government for doing something more for women that earn and work, Chief Financial Officer of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, has requested the administration of the lift the central minimum salary for mothers to get rid of poverty and inequality.

Facebook CFO Requests the U.S. Government to Aid Working Mothers

In a post on Facebook, Sandberg claimed that both the employers and government should make an additional attempt to lend a helping hand to parents, particularly single mothers, who were fighting hard to raise their kids.

“We all have a liability to aid fathers as well as mothers balance their errands at home and work,” Sandberg stated in the Facebook post last week on the occasion of Mother’s Day. She further claimed that it was time for public policies of the U.S. to get closer with what the values demand and what people deserve.

“To begin, its  time has come to lift the central minimum salary. 66% of minimum salary employees are females. Increasing the salary might decrease pay variation and aid millions of families living near or in scarcity,” Sandberg added.

The 47-year-old Chief Financial Officer said almost 40% of the U.S. families with kids rely on a female as the most main source of income.

“Childcare for 2 kids goes beyond the mean yearly lease in all 50 states. How do you expect parents to work if they do not have an affordable and safe place to depart their children,” she further added.

Sandberg also asked for more protections for adoptive parents as well as for fathers, mothers, transgender, and gay parents who search for an absence leave from their occupation. Sandberg, a powerful person in the corporate U.S., is a widowed mom of two kids. Apart from these things, she is popular for her book “Lean In” that was rolled out in 2013. Sandberg is among the wealthiest women in the country, with a total value estimated at $1.38 Billion.

Well, seeing the thoughts that Sandberg has in mind, it is clear that the working women of the U.S. are going to witness a good time soon. Hats off to Sandberg’s intentions!!!!


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