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Digital doodles mimicked by robotic arm into paper sketches

Researchers are now trying to develop new technologies not only for fulfilling our needs or a solution, but also for fun and keeping you engaged. The scientists have developed a small robotic arm which can turn your digital drawings into a real paper sketch. The robot uses a pen or pencil and paper to recreate your online drawing. It’s a playful device which encourages you to draw. The arm uses a kinetic art and internet-connected microprocessor chip to carry out the drawings. The robot is dubbed with an app called “Line-us” which uses Wi-Fi to connect itself. The “Line-us” project requires funding that the researchers plan to reach the goal through Kickstarter campaign. The working prototypes have been developed and are now expected to be manufactured as a product.

The robotic arm will hit the market by October 2017. The arm has a new feature added to it. The app Line-us is going to turn out to be an open platform where the users can write own hardware & software ideas for the app, and it is also going to be interesting to know how hackers will hack the app. The app can be downloaded on an iPad, iPhone, Android tablet as well as smartphone, Mac, and PC computers. With the help of a stylus or fingers, people can draw digital doodles which can be mimicked by the arm.

For now, the robotic arm will hit the market with a price tag of 99 Pounds. And what’s more exciting is that the researchers plan to still develop a new version with different accessories.

So we can anticipate an advanced version next year.

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