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Devices That Drive the Autonomous Car Technology

Human intervention in day-to day activities will slowly get eliminated and will be replaced by the machines that run on the integrated system of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other advanced hardware. At this stage, we cannot predict how broadly autonomous technology will adopted by the people, but looking at the efforts of the tech giants who are working with the auto giants it seems the forecast analysis has already gave out its result in terms of futuristic transportation system.

We all talk a lot about the autonomous cars and technology, but won’t you love to know the actual working mechanism and devices that make this ghost driving look simple.

Devices That Drive the Autonomous Car Technology


Sophisticated software fetches the all the real time data as well the behavioral dynamics of the pedestrians, hurdles, objects and action of the other driver on roads. Some of the mandatory operations are coded in the car that cannot be skipped such as following signals and indicative signboards, while the other responses are learned by the previous driving trails. Each and every mile travelled by car makes the system more efficient and resourceful.

Lidar (Laser Illuminating Detection and Ranging)

  It is used to erect a 3D map and permit the car to perceive possible danger by activating a laser beam of surrounding in order to precisely conclude the distance and the outline of that object.


While the Lidar helps to map the surroundings, but its single flaw brings in the Radar system that can analyze the speed of surrounding with high accuracy that too real time.  The 4 sensors fitted in the front and rear bumpers, the radar units send signal to the onboard processor if it detects any obstacles on track. The radar system is integratedly works with gyroscopes, wheel encoder and inertial measurement units.

Power cameras

These aren’t the normal cameras as it provides the visual with dimension of objects, peripheral movement, and field depth.

These are some of the basic devices that make the car drive on its own.


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