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DeNA And Nissan Schedule Public Trials Of Self-Driving Car Service

DeNA Co., the Japanese gaming software producer, and Nissan Motor Co. claimed this week that might start public trials of their ride-sharing self-driving service next year in Japan. The two firms join a rising number of worldwide tech firms and car makers pulling technology of automated driving into new services regarding mobility.

DeNA and Nissan claimed that they might conduct public trials over a period of 2 Weeks in March in Yokohama, below which riders can utilize an app designed by DeNA to call for self-driving variants of Leaf electric vehicles by Nissan to pay fares and travel to pre-mapped locations. The duo, which has been performing field trials of their system named “Easy Ride” since joining forces previously this year, claimed that the tests were the initial step towards their aim of rolling out a self-driving and full-service ride-sharing offering in the early 2020s in the country.

Worldwide automakers are seeing beyond selling and making vehicles to survive a market that is being swiftly altered by new services. The market is also changed owing to a rising number of vehicles by companies comprising General Motors Co who are implying their expertise in functions related to automated driving for mass-market vehicles to launch mobility services.

The quick-growing market of “pay-per-ride” is turning out to be a battlefield between tech firms and automakers such as Uber Technologies Inc. and Alphabet Inc. as well as a barrage of start-ups since ride-sharing offerings threatens to smack requirement for ownership of car. While firms carry on to follow development of safe functions for self-driving that can ship riders to their location of choice, they also encounter regulatory challenges, since most worldwide jurisdictions do not specifically authorize cars to work on normal roads without a driver.

In Japan, DeNA and Nissan will face rivalry from ZMP Inc., the Japanese robotics maker.

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