India’s Agni-V Test Fired Smoothly

India has been known for its development in terms of industrialization, technological innovations, financial advancements, and its defense capabilities. From its secretly assembled nuclear weapon to the launch of the successful project by Indian space organization, the country has always surprised the world with its drastic development and changes. Now, India has successfully test-fired long-range […]

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Arun Jaitley

To Launch Satellite-Based Internet Service on WEB Raised $1.2 Billion

The steps towards acquiring new trending technologies among the rivalries to beat the competition and achieve the dominance in the market have become a quite a trend now. Current situations are based on “Whoever Has The Concept, Grabs It”. Same goes with Tesla and OneWEB. While Tesla is still in the talks about permission by […]

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Concussion can be Identified by the Newly Developed Hi-tech Mouth Guard

Injury while playing sports is a common issue as sports activity is directly related to the human body and it is a physical activity, which stimulates the blood flow across the body parts. The brain plays a major role in running this intense workout of the body. But in some situations, we meet with an […]

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