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Cost-Effective Sensors Suitable For Foldable Gadgets

We are all surrounded by new inventions and they just don’t stop from amusing us. A research team has designed a new, cost-effective sensor that can assist in developing a tablet, which is foldable and can be carried in your pocket, or artificial skin, which can recognize the movements of the body and vital signs.

Cost-Effective Sensors Suitable For Foldable Gadgets

The sensor, produced at the University of British Columbia, Canada, utilizes an extremely conductive gel squashed between silicon layers and can sense diverse forms of touch, including tapping & swiping, even when it is bent, folded, or stretched making it appropriate for the foldable devices in the future.

There are already many sensors established such as 3D Touch by iPhone that detects pressure or AirView by Samsung that detects a hovering finger. There are also sensors that are transparent, foldable, and stretchable. But what makes this sensor different from the existing one is that it has integrated all the features in one compact package. The model is 5 cm x 5 cm in size; however, it can be easily extended as it utilizes reasonably priced, extensively available substances, including silicon and gel.

The team also said that it is possible to develop a room-sized design of the sensor that can cost just dollars/square meter. Then the sensors can be placed on the floor, on the wall, or over the body surface, nearly anything that needs a stretchable, transparent, touch screen. As they are cost-effective, they can be integrated into disposable wearables such as health monitors. And the sensors can also be incorporated in the robotic skin in order to develop a safer robot–human interaction.

At present, the machines are set aside from a place of work owing to their probability of injuring humans. If the robots could sense the presence of humans and be delicate enough to not injure them during a communication will enable safe exchanging of equipment with them or even they can hold items without damaging them.

Such inventions are taking the field of technology to a higher level. What do you think about it?

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