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Congress Ahead In MP by Polls In Mungaoli And Kolaras

Good news seems to be in store for the Congress party as it is leading in two constituencies of Madhya Pradesh namely in Mungaoli and Kolaras since vote counting began of by elections which is a run-up to the actual assembly elections that will be held later this year. The seats have historically been Congress strongholds that recently fell vacant due to deaths of its legislators. The BJP led by CM Shivraj Chouhan had been aggressively campaigning in the region to wrest the two seats from the opposition. In Orisha’s Bijepur assembly the local bigwig Biju Janata Dal is leading in one seat that was earlier a congress stronghold.

Congress Ahead In MP by Polls In Mungaoli And Kolaras

The polls are being viewed as a battle of prestige for present CM Shivraj Singh and congress stalwart Jyotiraditya Scindia. Both men campaigned hard for the by-polls and while the former took a retinue of ministers with him for the rallies, Scindia led a different track. Both Mungaoli and Kolaras seats come under Mr.Scindia’s constituency Guna and he has declared that this election is a contest between two individuals instead of political parties.

But Mr. Singh has dismissed the statement stating that he was in the political arena not a wrestling ring. While the congress party held 75 rallies along with 15 road shows with Mr. Scindia at its center urging people to hold elections immediately instead of waiting for six months, Mr. Singh addressed 40 rallies with his retinue of 18 ministers. The BJP party also roped in Mr. Scindia’s aunt Yashodhara Raje who is also a minister, for its campaigns. Both sides are accusing the other for violations in the poll code and also complained to the election commissioner. The turnout of voters in Kolaras was 70% while in Mungaoli it stood at 77% and the counting is presently going on for both assembly seats.

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