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Concussion can be Identified by the Newly Developed Hi-tech Mouth Guard

Injury while playing sports is a common issue as sports activity is directly related to the human body and it is a physical activity, which stimulates the blood flow across the body parts. The brain plays a major role in running this intense workout of the body. But in some situations, we meet with an injury. Injury impacting the head and brain causes concussions.

But it has been observed that millions of sports person witness concussions and it remains undetected.

A Minneapolis-based start-up, Prevent Biometrics, has developed a device in the form of mouth guard, which is capable to identify the head trauma as well as notify the player through the smartphone pairing.

The analysis is carried out in real time, where the data are recorded based on the direction, force, and point of impact. Further, if the impact is intense, the red alert is notified to the player or medical team. In this way, the player can be called back from the ground to avoid severe conclusion.

Co-founder and CEO, Steve Washburn said, “there is no replica of such product developed till date. This makes the device stand out in terms of smart invention”.

The development of the mouth guard was initiated 6 years back with a collaboration of Cleveland Clinic neurosurgeons and engineers.

The project was backed by the US Defence Department with a capital funding of $4.5 Million.

Hence, the company aims to utilize the data to make sport equipment and techniques safer, which will no doubt reduce the number of injuries. This device will be available publically by 2018 based on the company’s projection.

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