Microsoft's “Xbox Project Scorpio” briefing at the E3 2017

E3 2017 is known as one of the best events for the game launchers but this is going to be an event for the Microsoft not for the games but for its hardware. People waiting for the E3 2017 will be surprised when it will be here even before they imagine. Microsoft has all geared up for its briefing at this event. The Xbox One makers awaiting its briefing rather

Bluetooth Wearable Baby Thermometer—MobileHealth

Being a parent, the most important thing for them is the health of their kids and they are worried if their children fall sick. With the aim to help the parents to take better care of the toddlers, MobileHealth has designed an axillary baby thermometer that can be placed directly under the armpit and is precise, dependable, and trouble-free for the kids to wear it. The device is developed to

Best Geek Accessories

Do you have any geek friend? Well, it is obvious that you do because each and every group of friends has at least one geek dude. The life of a geek revolves around technologically advanced gadgets. Here are some accessories that can make a day of a geek. Raspberry Pi 3 It is the third generation Raspberry Pi model. Replacing the Raspberry Pi 2 that was launched in February last

Air pollution turned into printable ink using just a device

Air pollution is a major concern in India. Researchers are making an effort to overcome this issue since long. Spinoff company “MIT” in India is trying to find a novel solution to the air pollution problems in the Asia regions.   According to Graviky Labs, the device is designed using mechanical actuators, electronic sensors, and a collection system which is retrofitted onto an exhaust pipe using triangulated clamp set or

Moto Z gets Android 7.1.1 version

The Lenovo-backed company gave its smartphone the new Android 7.0 Nougat. Being the first smartphone of the company to get the new Android update, Motorola gave Moto Z this with version 7.1.1. Well, let us have a look at the specifications of the smartphone. The Moto Z sports a 5.5-inch full HD display and a pixel ratio of 1440 x 2560. The phone currently runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Speaking

Poverty struck areas can be seen through the eyes of smartphones and satellite imagery

Imagine your smartphone becomes beneficial for the society. The current technological innovation is trying to combine the data from mobile phones and satellite imagery to create high-resolution maps for measuring poverty in various areas. The University of Southampton and the Sweden-based Flowminder Foundation researchers have found that by combining mobile data and satellite obtained geospatial data they were capable of predicting the poverty struck areas with significant advantages rather than

All about Apple Watch Series 2

The Apple Watch Series 2 is said to be the most advanced watch yet. If you have any intentions to buy one, then you are absolutely on the right track. The main highlight of the new Apple Watch Series 2 is the built-in GPS along with up to 50 meters of water resistance. The watch runs on the watchOS 3 operating system coupled with a dual core processor. It also

Samsung Pay – A new payment app to launch in the Indian market by 2017

Tech giant Samsung has again startled the global market by launching its new payment app. Samsung Pay, the new app, is going to hit the Indian market by the first half of 2017. Samsung has already partnered with American Express and is further planning to partner with Mastercard and Visa. South Korean technology giant Samsung and the major card companies in collaboration have introduced “Samsung Pay” in the global market.

Protect your Android from hackers

In the era of smartphones, where they rule the world, it is necessary to protect them from online hackers and spammers. The increased cases of online theft, identity theft, malware attacks, virus attacks, and so on have made this matter of great concern. Well, you can try these tips to avoid your Android smartphone from being hacked. Use a PIN/password on lock screen Well, this is the easiest and the

Underwater Ocean’s view through the tiny robots eyes

The technological advancement is changing the outlook towards underwater life. The robots, the size of a grape, is created for easy handling and traveling. The scientists have explored to space to a greater extent but exploring the oceans in detail still remains. The satellites help scientist get data related to space and oceans. The development of tiny autonomous robots for exploring the deep oceans is on. This robot called “Mini-Autonomous