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Broccoli could help cure Type 2 diabetes

Diabetes is currently a disease that has got millions of people dealing with it on a daily basis. As per the analysis, there are about 300 Million people affected by the disease globally. It is a disease one cannot eradicate totally but just keep in control by injecting insulin, working out to keep a control on the weight, or controlling their diet. Control on the diet is something that most of the people are unable to follow.

Recently, study leader Annika Axelsson with a group of researchers from the University of Gothenburg have found out that the sulforaphane compound which is found commonly in the cruciferous vegetables such as cabbages, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli can prove to be an alternative to the normally used medications such as Metformin.

Broccoli could help cure Type 2 diabetes

Diabetes usually occurs due to the insulin production issues by the pancreas or due to hereditary problems. Hence, once an individual has been detected with diabetes then he or she has to follow a diet, workout, and medication routine. Drugs such as Metformin or insulin injection are given commonly to the patients. But for some people taking Metformin, the drug can cause nausea, bloating, and stomach pain and also the patients with weak kidneys may have side effects such as muscle pain, vomiting, lactic acidosis, stomach discomfort, cramps, and breathing difficulties. Thus, the researchers are trying to find out an alternative for the drug. They have rounded it up on the sulforaphane compounds for now.

According to the researchers, some 1720 genes’ non-functionality causes hyperglycemia. Out of all these, there are 50 linked genes play an important role in causing the glucose level fluctuation in the body. And for proving that the broccoli compound can bring about a drastic change in the diabetic patients, the researchers carried out an experiment using the bioinformatics where the models of the linked genes were treated with the drugs and sulforaphane for comparing their efficiency. The broccoli compound proved to be a success even when they were tested in the form of extracts on the obese patients having Type 2 diabetes.

After analyzing the effect of the compound on the post diabetic patients, the scientists plan to check its effect on the prediabetic patients so as help them not reach up to the Type 2 diabetic stage. This natural alternative is a boon for the people who cannot take in certain diabetic drugs.

Broccoli can thus help slow down or reverse the disease in a simple and easy way without any side effects.

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