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Bolt from the blue Apple Music and Android app

Apple has people dying to purchase its devices at any cost due to its durability, variation, functionality, and appearance. Apple is one of the highest smartphone or any electronic selling firms present till date.

Apple always has its customers wondering over what it’s going to do next to woo them. Recently, the technology-based company has come up with a plan of providing the Apple Music users with Rs 1200 annual subscription in India and in the U.S. with $99. Apple Music is an app that has to be logged into before using it just like any other app in Apple smartphones. Though Apple has its Apple Music app updated along with a new feature still it doesn’t plan to disclose this to all its customers. The reason for it is well-known to the company itself.

Though the annual subscription option has not been declared, it has been made accessible since quite a few months. Apple apps have to be paid for the subscription purpose on a monthly basis. On acquiring the annual subscription of Rs 1200 of the Apple Music on a monthly basis, the user can save up to Rs 240 or $20 per year. However, the subscription is not available for the one time sign-up users. For enjoying it, the user has to be an existing subscriber. For availing the subscription plan, the user has to follow certain steps:

  • Open App Store
  • Scroll to the bottom and enter an Apple ID
  • Click on the View Apple ID
  • Select Subscriptions
  • Apply for Apple Music Membership

After getting the membership, there are four options made available for the users such as Individual for 1 Month, Family for 1 Month, Individual for 1 Year, and Student for 1 Month. Out of all these, the third option is what has Rs 1200 annual subscription option. This option is currently available in India itself. We know how disappointing it is for family and students as they do not have an annual plan. There is nothing to worry about as Apple must be planning for it as well in the coming months. Let’s wait patiently.

Along with Apple Music, the Android app has also been updated for enhancing its performance. In the Google Play listings, there is a slight change for the improvement purpose. Though the changes in both Apple Music and Android are small, it is still a benefit for the users.

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