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Bluetooth Wearable Baby Thermometer—MobileHealth

Being a parent, the most important thing for them is the health of their kids and they are worried if their children fall sick. With the aim to help the parents to take better care of the toddlers, MobileHealth has designed an axillary baby thermometer that can be placed directly under the armpit and is precise, dependable, and trouble-free for the kids to wear it.

The device is developed to estimate temperature levels continuous throughout the day without resulting in any discomfort to the baby. The Continuous Temperature Monitor provides the current temperature of the baby and sends an evaluation to your Bluetooth-enabled Android or iOS device every 90 seconds. If the temperature exceeds a certain user-determined target temperature range, you will receive an alert notification via the app. Thus, the device can help you sleep peacefully as you will be notified if the hypothermia or fever of your baby intensifies overnight.

The device can be connected to a free app known as MbH Baby Monitor through the wireless Bluetooth connectivity. The app has few below-listed characteristics apart from the abovementioned features.

  • Option to present the readings in either °F or °C.
  • Past information on all previous readings piled up in an easy-to-read line graph to observe alterations over time.
  • Option to insert in notes for medication, misc, and diagnosis or events to the graph.
  • Email data to the other family members or physicians by exporting it in the CSV format.

You can feel relaxed as you have this device to help to track the health status of your baby. Feel free to share your thoughts.

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