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BlackBerry To Remove Paid Applications From Its App Store

BlackBerry Limited has told a handful app coders that it will compulsorily get rid of paid software from the app store “BlackBerry World” beginning form April 1, 2018.

“BlackBerry has began informing developers with paid applications in the ‘BlackBerry World’ store via email. As per the message, users of BB10 will not be capable of purchasing anything from the store commencing from April 1, 2018, when the paid material will be eliminated,” the local media reported late last week.

BlackBerry To Remove Paid Applications From Its App Store

The firm reportedly claimed that the marketplace will turn out to be a “free only storefront” and that all mechanisms of purchasing will be immobilized. “That shift to free from paid must take place by March 31, 2018. Any paid material that has not been transformed will simply be eliminated on the next day altogether. Developers who only have free material on ‘BlackBerry World’ do not require to take any move,” the report claimed further.

In December 2017, BlackBerry had pledged to back BB10 for minimum 2 Years more with “BlackBerry World” projected to shut down formally on December 31, 2019. BB10 or BlackBerry 10 is a proprietary mobile Os for the BlackBerry line of handsets, both designed by the company. BlackBerry Limited controls BlackBerry software and brand licensing.

Recently, after almost vanishing form the smartphone industry, the former smartphone giant posted another loss. Shockingly, the loss reflected a steep falls in the turnover this week. This was due to the decrease in the handset sale and service fees. The main reason to blame this situation is the poor and extinct software, which the company is still relying on.

The firm has gone through various changes to improve the condition. The company’s decision to back out from the manufacture of the smartphone and only develop the software was a huge mistake. The company soon needs to pair up either of the team of Android or iOS.

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