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BHIM Crosses 17 Million Downloads

On the account of demonetization, Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, launched India’s desi app known as BHIM (Bharat Interface for Mobile). Well, BHIM has almost reached to every person in the country. It has reached the number of 17 Million downloads till date. Launched on December 30, 2016, the app showed 17 Million downloads, till date, on Google Play Store.

BHIM Crosses 17 Million Downloads

According to a report by Niti Aayog, it is said that the app has crossed the number of 17 Millions until today. It has been a fact that the app had many technical errors at the beginning. But eventually, these technical glitches were reduced. And this is what that led to a huge success of the app.

Originally, the app was launched to ease the chaos that was caused due to demonetization. Even though the app was launched a little late after the demonetization campaign took place, it was of great use though. The app not only helped the citizens of country to make cashless transactions but also contributed in making the country digitalized.

BHIM Crosses 17 Million Downloads

Well, in spite of various bugs and errors, the app somehow managed to make place in the smartphones of people. This is the result of continuous efforts put by the team of developers. We could not forget the contribution made by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In short, the app has been the most successful app till now in India. But after clearing the technical glitches, it is now time for the developer team to concentrate on some new updates in the app.

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