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Bengaluru Has Most Buyers for Engineering Course of Self-Driving Car

Almost 3 years back, a profession in engineering of self-driving car might have been inconceivable. But this quite unique sector of expertise is grabbing the fancy of techies in India now. And the IT capital of the nation, Bengaluru, is at the front position with huge number of buyers for a course in engineering of self-driven car.

Bengaluru Has Most Buyers for Engineering Course of Self-Driving Car

In September last year, an online learning platform, Udacity, was the 1st to roll out a nanodegree dubbed as self-driving car engineer. It is a tech that is gaining speed all over the world. Amongst the 50,000+ applications for the classes from all over the world, 500 belonged to India. Lastly, 7,000 candidates were recruited for the nanodegree. Bengaluru posted an enrolment of more than 18%, making it the largest in the nation, followed by Hyderabad (12%), Mumbai (12%), and Delhi-NCR (11%). Speaking to the media about this new-era tech, managing director at Udacity for India, Ishan Gupta, claimed, “Self-driving cars are set to transform the approach we live. This is altering technology, based on progressive methods of machine learning, robotics, mechanical engineering, and software engineering.”

“With tech stalwarts such as Infosys now operating on projects of self-driving car, there is a lot of hum around this tech. Startups such as Ati Motors and Flux Auto are operating in this area,” Gupta further added. The 12-week course extended over 9 Months is integrated with lessons by industry professionals, interactive quizzes, tailored industry project portfolio, one-on-one mentoring and coaching, and coach-supported forums to discuss lessons for students. “Even 3 years back, no one might have imagined about a job role of engineer for self-driving. But, now we have employing associates such as KPIT, Hi-Tech Robotics Systemz, Ati Motors, Tata Elxsi, and MapmyIndia among others, looking out particularly for nanodegree students of self-driving car. That indicates how much development potential this sector has in the coming future,” Gupta added.

Gupta further claimed, “With all the computerization needed for these techs, the present job functions may create and evolve chances that do not exist these days. Forbes has posted that $400,000 worth job chances will be made in this sector.”

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