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Based On Health Inputs, This Smartphone App Can Predict Disease Risk

With rising awareness, people are getting more health conscious nowadays. With the intention to help the individuals keep track of their health status, the Gurgaon-based start-up has developed a new smartphone app. The app is designed to deliver “smart reports” that might predict the disease risk of the user and uncover hidden disorders on the basis of their signs and lifestyle inputs. The application, dubbed Healthians, enables the users to record their basic body vitals such as weight, sugar levels, and blood pressure as well as retaining a collection of all their test reports for further reference.

Based On Health Inputs, This Smartphone App Can Predict Disease Risk

The app then examines the information for abnormal factors and suggests the future course of needed action, comprising appropriate medical professional to consult and further tests, if required. Founder and CEO of Healthians, Deepak Sahni, said, “With pathology check-ups, comprehending a medical record and its effects on the health of an individual has always been a challenge.”

He further said, “With the Healthians app, this issue is tackled and individuals can now at a tap of a button get in-depth sight of their health.” The smart report feature assists expose latent ailments and foresee the risk of future ones and to uncover any latent ones. It suggests dietary and lifestyle changes on the basis of investigations, lifestyle, and symptoms inputs of the user. Now the medical condition can be reviewed by the patients and also attain their treatment goal rapidly, radically reducing the risks of severe health complications.

He further said, “The smart report is intended to enable users with a foresight of likely health risks and to efficiently control chronic diseases.” Diseases are fore told on the basis of the individuals’ health check-up report values of diverse parameters together with their symptoms, lifestyle habits, age, and family medical history. Also, coupled with symptoms, they take patients’ gender and medical history into consideration to remove the possibility of making an incorrect diagnosis.

To avoid any such misapprehensions, free dietician and doctor consultation is also given. Sahni said, “A clear proviso is given to the user by us that these are system-created suggestions only. For a correct analysis, the user is recommended to visit a specific professional.”

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