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Artificial Intelligence—Not A Threat to Qualified Humans

As artificial intelligence (AI)-powered smart solutions and devices assemble momentum internationally among fears of “robots” taking down jobs shortly, a top Adobe administrative has calmed such fears, claiming that artificial intelligence will in fact help people cleverly.

“Stating that artificial intelligence will take over the inspiration of humans is wrong. It will take over a lot of things that you have to do in an ordinary method. The mind of human is a lot more imaginative as compared to a machine,” Vice President of Products and Executive Director at Adobe, Shanmugh Natarajan, told media in an interview. “With artificial intelligence, we are attempting to make the job simpler. It is not similar to self-driving cars where your driver is being substituted. I think imagination is going to last for an extended period,” Natarajan further added.

Artificial Intelligence—Not A Threat to Qualified Humans

One of the market research firms lately claimed that CIOs will have a huge role to act in planning trades for the impact that artificial intelligence will have on human employment and business plans. Worldwide enterprises such as Adobe are now gambling on India to drive artificial intelligence in different industries all over the country. The firm has a huge set-up in the country, with almost 5,200 workers spread across 4 campuses in Bengaluru and Noida, and its Research & Development labs grab a noteworthy share of worldwide improvements.

As per Natarajan, the majority of work related to machine learning, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things is being conducted in Research & Development Labs of Adobe India. “The way we have prepared our labs in India is very much same to how superior firms have structured theirs. There are different lab areas and initiatives, counting creative lab, digital media, marketing-related labs as well as Big Data and, clearly, document is a major element and we have labs connected with it as well,” the executive claimed. “With the Cloud platform, we are attempting to offer a framework where individuals having expertise in the domain can come and position their machine and data learning algorithms in play and then teach the systems and let them learn,” Natarajan added.

Well, as said by Natarajan, there is no need to worry about bots taking over the world.

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