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Army Shatters Mobile Phones Of The Recruits To Implement Discipline

A handful of Army regimental centers have decided to publicly destroy mobile handsets of recruits if they are found employing them in breach of regulation. This is done to convey a firm message down the ranks that disorderliness will not be borne at the time of training programs. This extraordinary action to implement discipline at most of the regimental centers, where recruits experience 11 Months to 12 Months of training to develop into soldiers, arrived at the forefront post a clip went viral a few days back.

Army Shatters Mobile Phones Of The Recruits To Implement Discipline

The clip, which was even posted on the website of China Global Television Network last week to represent the Indian Army in an awful light, displays the mobile handsets of almost 50 recruits being shattered in front of them with stones and rocks at Saugor, MP at the Mahar Regimental Centre.

Explaining the move, which has been taken on various times since the clip was recorded in September 2015, Army executives claimed that such strange actions are taken if recruits frequently defy orders that no mobile handsets are allowed at the time of drill, physical training, and classes for weapon-training.

“Recruits can’t disobey obedience with impunity. The recruits are normally released at first with a warning. Their handsets are seized for couple of days if they carry on to defy orders,” claimed a senior executive to the media in an interview.

If nothing productive happen, handsets are shattered

But if all this does not give expected result, then their handsets are shattered as an apparent message to them. The Army prepares its soldiers for battle. If they are permitted the freedom to defy in peace, they might do the same at the time of the war, he claimed.

The Mahar Regimental Centre’s recruits have to deposit their mobile handsets with havaldars of their platoon and take them for utilization when and as needed.

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